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How it works in 9 easy steps:


 Needs assessment

We carefully assess the needs of our clients, which allows us to create the most appropriate plan and address the target groups of the property. 


We define the following:

  • Definition of target groups, e.g.: singles, families, the young, elderly people, 

  • Style of furnishing, price category, 

  • Number of properties to be designed

  • Selection of desired services

  • Review of available design documentation, and 3D model of the real estate - if you have any

  • In case of existing property, inspection on-site

  • Requested deadline


Processing available plans

By default, we work from digital or paper based architectural plans. In case of unavailability of these, we will assess the property and make the plans.


Preparation of furnishing floor plan

If necessary, we redesign the space allocation, and prepare the furnishing floor plan.


Creation of VR 3D model of the property

After accepting the floor plan, we create the VR- compatible model of the real estate, either from blueprints, or from the 3D building model of the architect. We set the orientation for the sun simulation, and the lights for the real-time render. Following this point, the place and shape of windows, doors and built-in furniture are no longer changeable, but their colours are.


Designing of built-in furniture, and their 3D modeling

We design the built-in and/or custome furnitures, e.g. kitchen or wardrobe, and create their 3D models.


Preparation of VR plans

We furnish the property with our furniture and fixture models included by the software library, which were selected so that we are able to produce every designs in 3 different moods/variations/style. This is achieved by changing some furnishings, and the colours of covers, walls, furnitures. In case the available 3D models do not fit into the visual design, we are ready to add further furnishings to the system.


Presentation of VR plans

We present the VR plans on our own, or our client’s office. Our software makes possible the changing of wall and furniture colours, coverings, sanitary ware, not built-in furniture, lamps, ornaments. Walls, windows and doors, built-in furniture may be changed one time without charging extra fee, but not on the spot. We present the real estate in morning, noon and evening light conditions, i.e. sun simulation, and also with artificial lighting. By default, plans are made with one floor plan, in 3 styles. This means that, with different colors, coverings, lamps and partly different furniture, we can make the same apartment meet the tastes of different target groups (family nest, bachelor, office, etc.) or represent a different style. We tour the property in a maquette way as well.


Handover of plan documentation

Based on the approved plans, we will hand over the followings:​

  • We install the life-size VR plans onto the computer (of which the specifications are given) of our client, 

  • design plans presented in 3 mood/style

  • We activate our vrDconnect application on our client's computer, which makes a 3D virtual tour in the plans possible. The application can also be downloaded by clients of real estate agencies to their own computer and view the selection at home.

  • Visual designs in jpg format, 2 x 2-10 pcs / room. We also take pictures of each room in daylight and evening light conditions

  • Approx. 1 minute video showing all the rooms. It is also possible to make longer video, or a unique one to suit individual needs.

  • Sun simulation, so you will know where the sun will shine and where not (the surrounding buildings, trees, etc. can not taken into account, or only to a limited extent).

  • VR, 2D és 3D furnishing floor plans


Starting new project

Following the successful completion of the project (or even independently)



How can You use the received material?


  • ​On a VR computer located in the sales office of a residential apartement / real estate office, an employee can present versions of VR plans for homes, replacing the variations in seconds.

  • ​​With our vrDconnect application running on PC and laptop, a 360-degree virtual tour can be made in th eplans, whether in the sales office or at the customer's home

  • You may advertise on your website and in online media with our visual designs and videos

  • You may advertise in social media with our visual designs and videos

  • You may advertise in printed media with our visual designs 

We would like to draw the attention of our customers to the fact that the S package can only be expanded to larger packages on the basis of an individual offer, because those - larger packages - are made with pre-arranged equipment items, while the ‘S’ package consists only of items available in our system!!

M Csomag





The way it works as described it the ‘S’ package, with the following addition:


If you want to give your prospective customers more than a fantastic VR visual design, order our M package, in which we will select each piece of furniture (coverings, sanitary ware, taps, built-in and mobile furniture, lamps and decorations) based on your criteria, which you can sell with the property. It is also possible to assemble equipment of several price categories and styles; the M package includes one.


We compile a complete list of equipment, containing the data of manufacturer, article number, product name, size, price and images, as well as a mood montage from the product photos. After approval, we create 3D models of the products, enter the main data into the system and furnish the property. We assemble the products from the offer of our own supplier network, but we also provide the possibility to design with brought equipment items on the basis of a separate agreement.


Furnishings are consciously selected, so if one is replaced with another, the whole interior may be affected. We definitely need to reconcile this for the best final result.



​How can You use the received material?

In addition to package S:

  • ​Together with the property, you can sell all the coverings, sanitary ware, furniture, lamps, fixtures and fittings, etc. presented in VR.

  • You can provide an innovative service to your customers that stands out from the competitors.

L Csomag



House Plan

The following plans are prepared as required


New, scaled floor plan, if the original is changed


Conceptual design of water outlets, indicating the equipment that requires water supply and / or the exact position of their outlets


Concept plan for electrical stands, including the exact position of luminaires and their switching points, the exact position of sockets, kitchen appliances, and the exact position of other electrical equipment and / or their stands shown on the plans


Concept plan for plasterboard: dimensions of ceiling and wall plasterboard constructions


Painting and wallpapering plan: mark the color code of the paints and the exact position and size of the wallpapering areas per wall, with the name and / or article number of the products


Tiling plan: which includes their allocation based on the size of the selected tiles. We give the color and size of the edge guards, joints and plinths. The exact order quantity is determined by the paver based on the on-site survey and the plan.


We make scaled floor plans and wall sections of the individual furniture, we give the main dimensions on the basis of which the manufacturer makes a production plan. The materials of the fronts, corpuses and workbenches, as well as the fittings and handles, are matched according to the samples of the selected manufacturer.


Given that we work from plans, it is the responsibility of each department on the site to compare the planned and actual dimensions and to initiate a consultation if there are any obstacles to the implementation of the plan!



​How can You use the received material?


  • With our construction concept plans You may realize the equipment seen in VR

XL Csomag




In our office, we provide 2x2 hours for contractors to learn about design aspects and view VR plans before and during construction.


Above that, we ensure 3x2 hours for on-site assistance in favour of precise realization of our plans.


As part of our XL package, we undertake the service in the 30 km radius of Budapest; in the case of farther locations, we can charge an extra fee.

Extra 1



In a Meeting


In regard to the fact that personalization of plans can range from a minor change to a complete redesign, this service cannot be confined to a predetermined offer. For those interested in this, we provide information in our packages for “Property Buyers and Renovators” with the addition that our offer is expected to be more favorable for them than the prices given there, since we likely can use the 3d models of the property and equipment to some extent.


We provide two solutions for the realization of the package

1.) The residential apartment / real estate office can also provide its customers with VR planning as its own service, with its own tarifs and services of its choice. We receive their customers, perform the selected services, but beyond that we remain in the background. 


2.) As an external partner, the residential apartment / real estate office directs its customers to us, we contract with them and we perform the ordered services.


Whichever one you choose, we offer a mutually beneficial cooperation that may result in a refund of your design fee!

Extra 2.





Our offer for initial projects:

Ideally, property investment planning involves from the beginning (among several other professions) a real estate agency that knows the preferences of the target group in the area - and us, since we know what makes a real estate homely for the target group, or suitable for their other purposes.

In cases like this, we can help to create the ideal floor plans, select the basic equipment included in the price of the property, and the surcharge options, or even compiling several complete fixture lists even containing the decoration as well, that is, everything a home needs. 


We can even bake apple pie for our dear customers in favour of creating the perfect home ambience. 😊


Why do we recommend our services for ongoing projects:

If the investment has already started, the floor plans are given, the construction has started, visual plans are done, the question may arise: is a virtual plan still necessary? 


The question may be answered easily, if we look at what problems of the buyer /seller can we solve with a life-size VR plan

  • According to real estate companies, it is possible/easy to sell what the buyer candidate can see. In our plans every single detail can be viewed from every possible angle; they just cannot be grabbed.

  • With our VR plans, all the apartments of the residential apartment/real estate agency can be toured.

  • All this can be done quickly, easily, conveniently, at a fraction of the cost of a presentation apartement

  • Equipment of different styles and prices can be changed at the touch of a button, it is needless to spend hours with the covers, sanitary ware and other samples displayed in the sales office.

  • Just like any decisions, buying a property is made on an emotional basis as well. Fortunately, we are experts in organizing the space, the harmony created by the furnishings, materials and colors, creating the atmosphere of a home, that evokes the desired emotion

  • Buyers of real estate do not buy an apartment or a house, but a family nest, an office, an investment, and so on. We create these for them out of the empty property.

  • Even if the distribution of space is attractive enough and visual design appeal to everyone you want, and triggers the purchase, sales in VR may go even faster, because if you can sell  property with a floor plan or a visual design, it worths taking into consideration the extent to which sales can increase in VR by providing so much more information and experience, thus the starting date of the new investment may happen significantly earlier.


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