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How it works in 8 easy steps:


 Needs assessment

Our job is - by our expertise, by our knowledge of materials, by our experience - to help our clients to put in a shape what they exactly desire, to create plans that mirror the people living there even more than they could have imagined. A significant part of our customers come to us without specific ideas, they feel what they like, but they cannot formulate it, so based on our 16 years of experience, we have compiled our needs assessment sheet and our image collection, with which we can get an extremely accurate picture of our clients' ideas. In the pictures we show the properties furnished with different budgets and styles, in which it can be seen exactly that e.g. with different sizes, colors, or materials of surfaces, furniture, and lighting, what effects we can achieve. We help you to determine what materials and colors are recommended in relation to the light conditions, depending on the properties of the property, the surfaces that can be highlighted or hidden. During the survey, we will learn about our client’s lifestyle, what habits or hobbies their residents have, so the dimensions and placement of the equipment will fit exactly. The needs assessment is a very important part of the design, it enables that only a few percent of our plans presented for the first time require to be modified, and only in smaller detail.


Discuss the followings:​

  • Review of available design documentation, floor plan, and 3D model - if there is any

  • family model

  • equipment style, price range

  • deadline



If possible, we will survey the property, review the available architectural plans and prepare a floor plan for the property.


Preparation of equipment floor plan

We create the scaled equipment floor plan in 2D according to the client needs. We define the functions in the space, and design and arrange the rooms accordingly.

We move wall and doors to create smaller or larger rooms, if necessary.


Creating a VR 3D model of real estate

After accepting the floor plan, we create the VR-compatible model of the real estate, ether from blueprints or based on architect’s 3D building model


Design and 3d modeling of built-in furnitures

 We design built-in or custom furniture and make 3D models of them.


Preparation of VR plans

We equip the property in VR, using the 3D model database available in our system, ie furniture and fixture database.


Presentation of VR plans

We present the plans in VR, where You can experience the proportions and atmosphere of the new space and, last but not least, the sun simulation, that is, we present the property in  the morning, noon and evening light. Our software makes possible the change or replacement of the following in a matter of minutes: wall and furniture colours, coverings, sanitary ware, faucets, non-built-in furniture, lamps and ornaments. During the presentation of the plan, there is no possibility of changing the shape and size of the walls, doors, windows and built-in furniture, since these changes would require 3D modeling work. Anyway, of course these qualities may also be changed - once for free, during the project -  but not on the spot.


Handover of design documentation

Based on the approved plans, we provide the following material:

  • We activate our vrDconnect application on the computer of the client, which allows to make the 3D virtual tour in the plans

  • Visual plans in image format (jpg) 2 x 2-6 pics / room. We also take pictures of each room in daylight and evening light conditions

  • Approximately 1 minute video showing all locations. It is also possible to make a video to suit individual needs and /or longer video for an additional fee

  • Sun simulation , so you will know where the sun will shine and which parts of the real estate remains shady.

  • VR, 2D and 3D equipment floor plans

LV-csomag M






Creating of equipment list

​Following the creation of visual plans, we will prepare the purchasing list and budget for the items of equipment, including the manufacturer, article number, quantity and price of covers, sanitary ware, faucets, interior doors, built-in and mobile furniture, lamps, textiles and decorations. Based on the equipment list, the items can be ordered directly from us, or from our partners, but in case the customer wishes so, he or she may of course look for another source of supply.

The objects are selected deliberately, so changing any of them may change the overall interior. So, in case a claim of change of any of the objects arises, reconciliation is definitely needed in order for the final result to be the best.


  • Finding the best price available is not part of our job 

  • Many products may require the installation of related mandatory or optional parts, which must always be agreed prior to placing your order, either at the store, or with the contractor. For instance, support legs and headrest for bath tubs, siphones and corner valves for washbasins, underlay foil for parquet, fittings for furniture, and so on.


Visiting shops

The products on the list or ther samples are to be viewed together with the designer, in the stores of the distributors. This is done on two well organised and pre-arranged days, 6 hours at a time.


  • Merchants usually only have the opportunity to display a smaller portion of their often huge assortment in their stores, so we may only be able to show something similar to the selcted products

  • Ordering, transporting, receiving the products, placing them in the real estates, furthermore garbage disposal of packaging material are not part of our job.

LV_Csomag L



House Plan


The following plans will be prepared as required:


New, scaled floor plan if the original was modified


We make an equipment floor plan on which we schematically mark the location of the furniture.


We prepare a plumbing concept plan in which we mark the exact position of the products that require water supply and / or their stands based on the technical drawings of the selected item. When choosing a product, we consider the compatibility of this product with the other chosen items, e.g. for different wash basins different faucets must be chosen,or, for bathtubs of different shapes the faucet must be located accordingly.


Concept plan for electrical outlets, including the exact position of luminaires and their switching points, the exact position of sockets, kitchen appliances, and the exact position of all other products that require electricity, and / or their outlets as shown on the plans.


Plasterboard concept plan: dimensions of wall and ceiling plasterboard constructions.


Painting and wallpapering plan: we mark the colour code of the paints and the exact position and size of the wallpapering areas per wall, with the names and article numbers of the products.


Tiling plan: includes the allocation of the selected tiles based on their size. We give the colour and size of edge guards, joints and plinths. The exact quantity of tiles is determined by the paver, based on the on-site survey and the plan.


We make scaled floor plans and wall section plans of carpenter made furniture, we give the main dimensions on the basis of which the carpenter production plans can be made. The materials of the fronts, corpuses, and counters as well as handles and fittings, are matched according to the samples of the selected manufacturer.


With regard to the fact that we work from plans, it is the responsibility of the representative of each profession on the site to compare the plans and the actual dimensions. In case of discrepancy, consultation is required! It is important to note that, in order to make final construction plans the coverings, sanitary ware and built-in luminaires must be selected. If these are not yet accurately known, the standings may vary depending on the attributes of the special product.

LV_Csomag XL





In our office, we provide 2x2 hours for contractors to learn about design aspects and view VR plans before and during construction.


In addition, we provide 3x2 hours of assistance to carry out our plans precisely on site.


As part ouf our XL package, we undertake to provide our services within the 30 km radius of Budapest. In case of farther destinations, we may charge an extra fee.

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